Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…extreme silliness!

Double Whammy!! That’s what happens when there is a full supermoon paired with mercury retrograde.

Sure, my kids fight here and there but mostly we all get along. They amplified the amount of whining, complaining and fighting with not only each other but me!

My normally even keeled kid was mouthing off to me. I was ready for the day to end and start fresh tomorrow!

Then it was almost as if the opposite took over and the giddiness started. One thing led to another and two of the kids and I erupted with laughter for so long that our bellies hurt!

We hadn’t laughed that hard in so long and it felt like a major release of the day and the trials!

It is possible to turn the moments that need lots of patience into ones that will be the lasting memories!

Oh and we might have had a great first day of basketball as well!


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