Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…inquiring minds!

Some days I wonder what my kids will do when they grow up! If they choose to pursue a vocation in the things they love now then I can only imagine what greatness will be bestowed upon them in this life.

Luci is always writing and illustrating saying she will grow up to be an author. Eli talks about computer coding and creating video games. Cam likes a lot of things but he is still little. Jake is going to be a scientist or engineer of some sort inventing things beyond my wildest imaginations.

For his birthday he got a couple science kits and was so interested in not only that they worked but why they worked. We even used a fruit to charge a battery.

That blew his mind! If he’s not doing science projects in my kitchen then he is building robots that walk all over the house!

His mind is constantly churning and I knew of this brain power when he was one and loved when John took apart a small drill and Jake tried to screw it back together!

I am super excited to see what this guy is going to do with the life ahead of him!


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