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How To Motivate Your Team To Greatness When Their Spark Is Gone

February 23, 2020

There are times in our lives where we will be placed on less than satisfactory groups of teams. It could be lack of talent, people not caring about the outcome or not having a dynamic team mentality. Or any combination of the above.

What happens when you, the individual, is putting in 110%, pushing through the obstacles and going above and beyond outside of the group? But to no avail, the team is still subpar.

It can be disappointing for those participants who are giving their all and not getting the results they expect.

Is it possible for a few people to help the group make a 180 and see this as an opportunity to continue to get better and not a lost cause? Team cohesiveness is key to growth. You all need to be on the same page and not for one person to lead you to greatness. As a collective, it’s important to know the goals of the team and what working together will do in the end.

Now try taking these ideals and have a bunch of twelve year old girls incorporate this into their lives. This age is stemming with a need to be liked. For one person to speak up and lead the group could be seen as bossy. No one wants to be ostracize for being different.

The fact is we are dealing with a lack of motivation for my daughter’s volleyball team to want to push through the tired, play their best and truly compete at their higher level. As a parent watching, it upsets me to see my daughter and a couple girls on her team putting it all on the court when others are just getting by.

Luckily, my daughter is not shy and will help her teammates when they are playing, but she can’t do it alone. There are others that could help her but they are worried about how their comments will come across. Girls need to learn how to lead without feeling bad about it.

This team has the potential for greatness, but now we have to figure out as a parent/coach team how to light a fire under their butts to want to succeed.


How do you deal with team collaboration issues?


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