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How To Properly Recuperate From A Vacation

October 23, 2019

Time to get back into the swing of things. Coming down off the vacation high and straight into reality can be a hard crash. Especially when you have things scheduled the very next day. All I wanted to do today was lay around and recoup.

Vacationing with children is not truly relaxing

Now that we were back home and everyone was at school, I thought I could lay on the couch with a book and maybe a nap to get back to myself. Didn’t happen.

I mean, do the kids really need to eat or could we survive all the baking soda and water in the fridge that was left there before we departed?

There is no break between vacation mom and everyday mom. She still needs to take care of other people, but with this stuffy nose I brought back tomorrow I’m taking a rest day. I deserve it after my vacation.

What do your first days back from a trip look like?

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