Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…creative minds!

It really is about the simple joys in life and doing the things that bring you happiness.

This summer while vacation in L.A., I captured this older woman in an art museum sketching this painting. I watched her for some time as she was in her own world.

The people around her didn’t phase her. She sat and did what filled her up. She wasn’t concerned with anything but the thing she was doing at that moment.

Watching her in all her creativity reminds me to take time each day to do something that makes me smile. Something to harness my creativity and feel good about when I’m done.

To do something I want to do instead of something I feel I have to do. This is what allows my brain to relax and when the best ideas flow right through me.

Be grateful for the creativity that runs in your veins and do everything in your power to let it out.


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