Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…dreaming big!

A night when I’m able to combine my love of me time and spending time with other women who can dream as big as I do are some of the best times ever.

Tonight, I got to share some of the seven steps from my book, Mindful Over Mindless by going to a vision board party for one of my friends and sharing with her team the importance of how seeing your goals and dreams right in front of you can bring them to fruition.

It’s amazing to see how fast manifesting things you want can happen when you look at them everyday. I was super excited to be able to share with them that by using vision boards, they can see their dreams for their personal life, business and health can come true by seeing their boards everyday.

I also got to start my own vision board and it’s been a while since I’ve done a new one. It’s time to kind of regroup and think about what I want to happen in the next year. The best thing is getting out of the house and getting that me time!


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