How School Picture Day Channels The Mullet

How School Picture Day Channels The Mullet
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September 12, 2019

Business in the front, Party in the back. The sign of a true mullet. School picture day to me resembles this in the highest form. All I ask is their hair looks like brushed and they have a nice shirt on. Wear whatever you want on the bottoms.

Our clothes this morning ran the gamut. Half the kids had nice shirts and shorts. They could have gotten a full body shot taken. Then the other two…

Well, they have always had a mind of their own when it comes to clothes. I suggested to my youngest a couple pairs of shorts he could wear with his shirt. He said he didn’t like Khakis because they weren’t as comfy as his sports shorts.

Who am I to argue? I wear yoga pants All the time.

This was a battle I wasn’t going to fight. As long as he had a nice polo on top, we were good to go. My oldest came down in the same. She had a nice top on but didn’t like the way it was flowing at the bottom, so she tied it up with a rubber band and then threw a sweatshirt on top. Apparently, her classroom is cold.

I yelled out the door as she was leaving, “I love you. Please remember to take the sweatshirt off for pictures….”

I guess I will have to wait a couple weeks to see what happened today.


Are you a stickler for picture day? Or do you give them free reign?

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