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What Happens When Do-It-Yourselfers Outsource Help

February 17, 2020

We are do-it-yourselfers at our house. It’s not always about saving money. Sometimes it is. We have a case of the “need to control” the end result of the project. We like to see it through to completion making sure it is done to our specifications.

Once in a while, we will outsource help with things we hate to do or projects that we want done at a faster speed. Our basement renovation has been going great. My husband and I work downstairs on his days off and crank out a big chunk of it.

Recently, we decided to take a break and hire help to install drywall. The difference between getting subcontractors and doing the work yourself is astronomical, except when they are sub-par.

This was the case for us. After five days of showing up late, having to fire a guy, another guy getting sick and so-so work, we sent them packing. They had “finished” and at this point my husband was more than eager to take on the rest of the work.

In the end, he said we should have done it ourselves. Sure, there would have been a learning curve for us, but we would have been much happier with the results. We might have seen this differently, if we hadn’t put 110% into the work that was done before the drywall guys came in and did a half-ass job.

Now, on the flipside, we have a cleaning lady who comes out once a week to tackle the dirt our family of six produces in seven days and she is amazing. It’s all about finding people you trust and know will do their best in your house.

Sometimes you just know what result will come out of a person from instinct. Follow your gut and let it guide you down the best path for your project.

Tell me your horror stories of outsourcing help.

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