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Kids Say The Darndest Things

August 28, 2019

“Hey guys, wanna watch how I can make mom go crazy?”

I’m pretty sure this is a phrase they say to each other behind my back to see if/when I will lose my cool. Dinner and electronic usage are two things that tend to make my blood boil.

  1. My two younger kids are picky and regularly tell me they don’t like what is being served for dinner. With a family of six, being a short order cook is not something I want to do to please everyone each day. So eating at dinner time because a hot topic in our house.
  2. I’m fine with the kids playing on electronics. What gets me going is not following the rules we’ve set. Getting off said devices or keeping them in your room at night will set Mom off to volcano mood.

Last night, both of these situations happened in one night. I don’t want to lose my cool, but a person can only handle so much being thrown at her. At one point, I literally stood in the kitchen with my eyes closed while my children talked to me. It didn’t help and I forced myself to walk away before I started screaming.

Each day something new pops up and I get to figure out how to handle it. It would be nice if they could work it out so we only have one crazy moment at a time.

What are your methods for not losing your sh*t?


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