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Best Natural Skin Care Routine In Your 40’s

Confession Time: It wasn’t till I was in my mid-late thirties when I realized I needed a natural skin care routine. I grew up in the 90’s when Clearasil and Oxy Pads burned off all the layers of your skin to get rid of the acne. 

Moisturizer, what’s that? When I was a teen, my primary goal was to get rid of zits. These products did the trick, even though it hurt so good. Little did I know, they were the least healthy way to take care of my skin. 

Was I diligent in this routine? NO, only when a random zit or a TON of zits popped up did I actually wash my face. 

Fast forward to when I had kids and by then I didn’t even take off my make up before bed. Since I hadn’t established a routine during my teens, I didn’t have one as a grown adult.

It was time to act my age and come up with a plan.

Creating An All Natural Skin Care Routine

Especially one you can stick to! That’s always the key.

We can all create a skin care routine, but if it’s not something sustainable then how will it truly work for you?

As I got older, I decided to really pay attention to my skin. My mom didn’t really have a routine while I was growing up, so this was a process I had to come up with on my own. 

In the past ten years, I’ve gone on a non-toxic, organic journey. Not only for food, but also everything that comes in contact with my skin. Once I had chosen an all natural and quick morning make up routine, then it was a game on for the rest of my beauty products. 

After fully doing my research, I found items that are as much a part of my routine as brushing my teeth. While you’ll see I enjoy a specific line, I’m always excited to read reviews and try new things. 

Yep, I even use their natural deodorant (I will definitely have to write about going along that journey). But for now, below are the 6 products I use to give the skin in my 40’s a nice, healthy glow!

Best skincare routine for your 40's



1. A Cleansing Oil – are we really putting more oil on?

Aren’t we supposed to be removing oil from our faces and adding to it?

If you are skeptical, then you are not alone. I was there on the list as the number one critic for cleansing oil. My whole life, I’ve been told thousands of ways to deal with oily skin. So why would I put more oil on. Turns out 95% of my skin care routine in this stage of life has oil in it. 

Go figure.

Replenishing, rejuvenating, nourishing: You name an enhancement, my skin was thirsty for it. 

While I was a skeptic and researched a lot, the main thing I love about this product is, I only have to use it once a day.


It’s a nighttime cleanser (still not great about washing my face in the morning), which helps me prepare for bed. 

Applying this product is like giving yourself a mini facial each evening.  A couple drops on your hand and then rub this non toxic cleansing oil into your skin. I don’t even use a makeup remover, because this does it all.

Then you put on a hot washcloth steaming off the impurities on your face. 

I really soak it in and take a couple deep breaths, letting go of the day and giving my skin the care it needs before settling in for the night.

2. This toner is made with household products and MORE oils

On my quest to let go of toxins in my beauty products, I came across a website years ago (I wish I would have saved it) that had a recipe for a DIY toner. I had already started using apple cider vinegar and witch hazel after washing my face, but needed another boost to get that clean feeling on my skin. 

You know the burn from the aforementioned Oxy Pads/ The ones where you all the dirt off and zits are coming off. Well, this is the feeling I get with my homemade toner without the chemicals. The combination of these ingredients makes me feel clean knowing exactly what goes into the following toner:

Now, this is a rough estimate of what is in the toner. I put it all directly into the witch hazel bottle and give it a good swish. Then I squeeze some on to a cotton pad and rub all over my face (both morning and night). 

All these ingredients mixed together give me that squeaky, clean feeling without pulling off layers of skin. 

3. A clarifying cream to nourish my skin on makeup less days

If you can tell, I’m not big on oily skin. So putting on a moisturizer or a day cream seems like something I wouldn’t do. 

Well, I’ll tell you this. I didn’t jump on the day cream bandwagon for quite some time. There are days when I don’t wear makeup but still need something to prevent dry skin. 

For someone who hates oily skin, dry skin is 100 times worst. I would rather wear a moisturizer then having my face crack if I move it the wrong way. 

The best cream needs to feel light on my face, like I don’t have anything on at all. In the winter months, my face soaks up this cream fast and I like the way there is a smooth texture to my skin after a day of wear. 

4. My Grandma’s special nighttime serum to tight and soften skin

My grandma was big into essential oils for some time. She would make tons of different household items with them. There were some I used and some I didn’t. 

This serum sat for a bit before I decided to try it. When I looked into the ingredients, it was very similar to the cleansing oil I use at night, just a different formula.

While she makes me this serum once or twice a year, I used so much of it, I had to make my own. 

I asked her for the recipe and the only thing she mentioned was to look for the best, organic ingredients, especially since you are putting this on your face. She didn’t have to tell me twice. 

  • 2 tablespoon jojoba oil
  • 2 tablespoon rose hip oil
  • 8 drops rose geranium essential oil
  • 8 drops frankincense essential oil
  • 8 drops lavender essential oil
  • 15 drops vitamin E oil

    Mix all ingredients in a glass dropper bottle. Like all serums less is more. Place in a 30 ml container.

This serum is magic. I swear. Each morning I wake up and my face has soaked it in and is so smooth to the touch. While I sleep it’s working, because even in my forties, my skin is tighter and less wrinkles have appeared on my face. 

Granted, I am blessed with half Asian skin and even my mom, who is in her 60’s, has very little wrinkles. Maybe it’s the serum or maybe it’s genetics. Either way, I’ll take it.

5. Daily lymph drainage and detox with this tool  

You might be asking yourself why do I have to drain my lymph? For a majority us that lived through the pandemic, we did a lot more sitting around. 

Your lymphatic system needs movement to function properly. When the lymph drains, it releases excess fluid from the tissues in your body. 

I started looking into this because I have auxiliary nipples near my arm pits and was noticing a build up although I wasn’t nursing or pregnant. Lymph drainage near your arm pits can help with breaking down the fluid around that area. 

My lymph journey began with dry brushing which is great for larger areas of the body. Then I wondered about the inflammation in my face and neck.

One of my kids took a profile picture of me and I was shocked at how my chin and neck looked.

Needless to say, I will become a more regular user of my gua sha stone to regain a more slender neck. Plus, I love the neck, face and shoulder massage I get from using this tool. 

After a 5 minute session with the gua sha, I can feel my skin tightening up areas and my neck muscles get a break from all the tension I hold back there. 

To incorporate this as a daily tool, I’m going to take on a 30 day challenge to see what results happen from using the stone all over my face and neck. 

6. Clearer skin with the one thing everyone has!

The great thing about this last product is that you have access to it. 


Not only has incorporating a daily water routine help me to stay hydrated, it has changed the way my skin looks and feels throughout the day. 

We recently installed a reverse osmosis system in our house and the amount of water we are drinking as a family has increased ten fold.

All the above products are fabulous for my skin and I use each one every day, but water is a super healer for your largest organ: SKIN. 

While you can use products to help, also incorporate water as part of your all natural skin care routine to stay healthy in your 40’s and beyond.

What is one product you can’t live without?

Shop the products below for your all natural skincare routine:

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