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Facebook Has Taken Over Our Lives!

Social Media Break – Day 2


My phone is still an appendage on my body. It’s amazing how hard it is to break this habit of having it near me, turning it on constantly through the day and using it as a security blanket. I spent the day obsessing over other apps like checking email, the weather, playing my one game, looking up stuff on the internet, seeing if anything had changed because I had the need to check something all day long. I did plug it in for most of the day but it seemed that whenever I walked by it I had to turn it on to see if anything had popped up in the last 2 minutes. Tomorrow, my intention is to plug my phone in and leave it only checking it a couple times all day.

Easier said than done.

While running short distance errands, I did leave my phone at home and it was nice and quiet in the car because no one was fighting over who got to pick the next song. In fact, we kept the radio off and the kids could actually talk to one another.

Imagine that.

We have already hit a bump in this whole no social media challenge but it’s nothing I can’t get through without some help from friends. We are expected to get a lot of snow this week, so this morning when I was dropping Cam off at preschool, his teacher told us they would update the school’s Facebook page if we had a delay.

Ugh, are you serious?

At least, I have a couple parent friends who I can text to check the status for me if it comes down to it. It is Ohio, so the weather can change at the drop of a hat.

When I got back in the car, I told the big kids what had happened and that I shut down my social media accounts for the next 30 days because I needed to cut way back on how much I use it. Here’s the kicker: Luci agreed with me and said, “Yeah, you really do use it a lot.” It was like a throat punch because if she (my tween) can see the problem then it must be bad.

The key for tomorrow is to take notice of when the impulse to pick up the phone happens then pause to ask myself if it is necessary to turn on the screen. I will say that I’ve only gotten the urge to check social media a couple times, but the part that is hard is setting down the phone and not checking other random things throughout the day.  Conversely, I found myself sitting at my computer more to check email and do internet searches which I rarely do but I needed to get my fix somehow.

On a positive note, I am adding more and more stuff to the give, donate and trash piles by the second. Shutting down social media is really going to allow me to hone in on simplifying our lives so in the end we are really able to let go and enjoy life.


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