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No Eating After Dinner Challenge – A 31 Day Journey

You might be asking yourself why a no eating after dinner challenge?

At the beginning of the new year, I chose my “word” for 2018: CONFIDENCE. To me, it included confidence in myself and my decisions.

Closing out February and coming upon a full moon allows me to reflect on the first 60 days of the year. Choosing the word CONFIDENCE was appropriate for the beginning of the year.

As we head into new seasons, the word INTENTIONAL seems better suited for taking on monthly challenges. 

Staying True To Monthly Challenges

To be INTENTIONAL, means staying true to my monthly challenges on a daily basis. I wake up each morning knowing the changes I made the previous day stay with me. 

Being intentional gives me a mindful focus for the one habit change, I pour my energy into for that  month.

While I have said over and over, my passion is writing and yes, I eventually want to publish a book. It will come with time.

For the rest of the year, my focus is on practicing my craft. Even if it’s only a short topic of the day for the current challenge.  If I have more time to devote to my book than I consider that a bonus!

Alright, let’s get to the meat and potatoes for this month.

This month’s daily challenge is NO EATING AFTER DINNER

As I practiced yoga (Yoga With Adriene), she asked us to think of one thing you truly love about yourself. I went straight to something physical and drew a blank.

This made a little sad and could only focus on the fact that I could come up with nothing.  I have a lot of great characteristics I love about myself.

Truth be told, my body has always been a trigger point for me going all the way back to childhood.

Not eating after dinner gives me permission to let go of food being a pacifier once the kids are in bed. That notion is why I chose this as my challenge. On top of that, there will be so much more to gain from one simple change.

I will eat normally throughout the day so nothing with change in that aspect. The daily challenge is not a torture device or about weight loss. This is a way for me to treat my body respectfully, giving it a break to digest food properly at night.

And rid myself of weird, creepy food-induced dreams.

Treat Your Body With Intention

Once I saw this as a method to treat my body in a loving way, my brain gave way to negative thoughts about my physical being.

We all have one body to live with and when you stop poking and prodding at your belly and treat yourself with kindness, things change. Looking in the mirror daily, allows for opportunities to really look at myself and be proud of what my body has accomplished. 

My number one goal is to feel comfortable in my skin, even after years of programming telling me I should look a certain way. When the words are gentle and intentional, then the work can truly begin towards an unconditional self-love. 

My self-talk is along the lines of this is one tweak to doing something as “simple” as not eating after dinner. This movement intentionally pushes in the direction of healthier habits instead of being a stickler about a diet plan.

So for the time being, bedtime Oreos and candy, I bid you adieu.

Original Post Date: February 28, 2018 (Updated April 11, 2023)


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