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5 Minute Make Up Routine For Busy Moms

5 minute makeup for busy moms

You know the routine, wake up, get the kids ready for school, make lunches, get breakfast in bellies and get yourself ready for the day! By that time, you have all of what a max of ten minutes to shower and look presentable for public consumption. Some days less than that, which is why as a busy mom, I needed a makeup routine that took 5 minutes or less.

Without a doubt, it’s inevitable I will run into someone I know when I’m out if I don’t have makeup on. Usually, after I walk away, I roll my eyes knowing I had 5 minutes to put makeup on, in order to not scare the villagers.

Every. Single. Time.

Creating a 5 Minute Makeup Routine

If you are anything like me, when you find makeup you love, you stick with it. That is until something in your life changes, be it:

  • Getting older
  • Want to make the switch to vegan
  • Consuming fewer chemicals
  • Going organic

Then the research begins. Google becomes my best friend, as I scour the internet to see other people’s favorites items and their reviews of the products.  It took some time to find the makeup that fit me and my lifestyle. But I’m happy to say that at 41 years old, I’ve found the products I cannot live without.

Below I’ve listed 7 items I use on a daily basis and yes, I do actually use them. I’ve replaced them all multiple time. The title says 5 minutes, but I timed myself the other day just to make sure and it was 4:44! World Record Breaker!

My searches will always include, organic, cruelty free, and vegan when looking for new makeup, because I want the good stuff on my face. But I’m going to be 110% transparent and let you know there is one in the bunch I’ve used for years that is probably full of toxins and chemicals. GASP!

Until someone can convince me to switch to something else, I will make the sacrifice and use the chemical laden product. Enough of my hang-ups, it’s time to get to the good part!

5 minute makeup for busy moms


1. This eyebrow pencil covers up the overplucking 

Full Disclosure: It was the 90’s and thin eyebrows were in. And that’s all I want to say about that…

Did I look at my mom’s thin eyebrows when I took tweezers to my youthful, full brows? No, I didn’t think genetics was a factor in creating the look I wanted at the age of 13.

Now, in my 40’s I have to deal with a patch of hair missing from my eyebrows  Needless, to say the overplucked hair didn’t grow back. I was full into my mid-30’s before I even picked up an eyebrow pencil to even out the disaster I created as a teen. 

Runs in the family! Last week my 15 year old told me she cut an eyebrow slit (a vertical cut in the eyebrow hair). YOLO…I guess. I’m all about letting my kids figure out their own style and build confidence in themselves. But I warned her about my previous experience. 

Hopefully, she has her dad’s bushy eyebrows and won’t have to deal with the issue I have now. 

Hey, At least now, my eyebrows match every day. This pencil is more like a cream than a pencil, but I love that it’s toxin-free, gluten-free and waterproof. I tend to touch my face a lot and it stays on all day. Two thumbs up on not having to reapply!

2. The green in my eyes pop with this eyeshadow

One of the fun parts about having green eyes is getting to play around with shades of purple eyeshadow. This brand actually has two different palettes and I’ve used both.

For awhile, I wanted to go with a nude look (for my eyes), so I tried the warm palette. On my birthday, I decided I needed a change, so in came the cool palette.  

There are some darker shades of purple in this palette, but I tend to stick with the three lightest colors. I’m not confident enough to try those deep hues on my lids quite yet. I probably need to watch a couple more YouTube tutorials like the kids are doing these days before attempting a smoky eye. 

The palette is really fun to play with and anything purple really complements the green in my eyes.

3. Refuse to the leave the house without this eyeliner 

As it happens, I was a huge Joanna Gaines fan back in the early days of Fixer Upper. I watched and read interviews. She and I are both half of an Asian decent so I was always interested in things of her childhood. We both have big families and of course, love the farmhouse look. 

During an interview, she said her makeup routine was super simple and she didn’t leave home without eyeliner.

AHH, I’m the same way.

I could walk out of the house makeup free EXCEPT I refuse to leave the house without eyeliner. I need something to make my eyes pop.  As simple as it was, she swore by this drugstore brand eyeliner and I’ve worn it religiously for the past 7+ years. 

Like I said earlier, most of the makeup I wear is non-toxic, cruelty-free, etc, but this is the one thing I won’t budge on. It has great coverage and I like my eyeliner dark around my eye. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve lighten up a bit on the bottom lid, but I still use black. 

It’s one of those things that makes my life a little easier and the sacrifice is totally worth it.

4. Creates long lashes mascara 

As I mentioned before, I’m 50% Japanese so I was blessed with teeny-tiny eyelashes. First off, I will always go with easy over stylish. So while lash extensions and longer lashes are a great thing. I want something I can swipe over my lashes in 10 seconds. 

I get the allure of longer lashes, but the multi-step process isn’t in my wheel house at this moment. Really, all I want is fuller lashes to help my eyes look even larger than they are. 

This brand of mascara is on the top of my list and checks all the boxes in the toxin-free department. It helps my short lashes have some volume and finishes off the eyeliner I so deeply love.

5. A foundation that is smooth AND light  

This tinted face oil is so good that it prevents the dark line along the jaw. You know the line I’m talking about. We all had it when we were first learning how to use foundation, but this oil blends into the skin like a moisturizer. 

I use oil based cleansers for my face, so I stuck with what worked especially with something I’m putting all over my face.

It does exactly what I need: moisturize and not be too heavy.

After applying toner, it is the next step in my morning skin routine. I have a clarifying cream I use only when I don’t feel like putting on foundation, i.e. lounging around the house.

This foundation is so easy to apply, it’s goes on just like the cream, but is tinted covering any uneven spots or blemish in its path.

6. This setting powder keeps everything in place

I wasn’t hooked on any setting powder immediately. It felt like an extra step. One I was not willing to put up with, if it wasn’t necessary.

Since I’m love the face oil, I felt like it needed a little something to help complete the look. This setting powder keeps everything in place. If I rub my face, there is no need to reapply later in the day because it all stays put. 

This setting powder does the job and it’s also really light. You know how sometimes with foundation, you know it’s there. It’s cakey, thick, gets all over your hands. This face oil/setting powder combination feels like you have nothing on, but gives your face a look of completion.

7. More for my chapped lips but gives color, too! 

Let’s be honest, I’m not one for lipstick. In fact, I will get all dolled up for the night, full makeup and everything and not even put on a gloss.

I’m not sure what it is about having something on my lips, but I feel like I fuss around with lipstick when it’s on. And finding the right color, forget about it.

However, lip balm for my chapped lips.  That I can get on board with. I hate the feeling of cracked lips or when they peel, so I’m all over Chapstick of some sort. 

Once I found this lip balm that could both heal my chapped lips and give me a little bit of color I was sold. It’s not like a typical lipstick where it’s thick and you know it’s there.

It’s light and feels more like a Chapstick with that tint of pink for your lips. 

Shop the products below for your 5 minute makeup routine:

eyebrow pencileyeshadow palettelipstickeyelinersetting powdermascarafoundation

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