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Why Is Using Reusable Bags So Hard?

January 21, 2020

It’s not the actual using of the bags that proves to be difficult, it’s remembering to be the dang things in the store.

Having a big family means having several different grocery stores to shop at throughout the week. Every couple weeks, I take a trip out to Costco and Whole Foods. The bulk shopping is easy because you don’t need bags there. They provide boxes to take home your massive amounts of food. Those are easily thrown into the recycling can on Fridays.

Whole Foods is one of the places I have to remember to grab the bags out of the car before going in. Not once have I made it through the doors with my bags. Luckily, they have a sign right as I’m walking in reminding me to use my own bags. They also give you a 5 cent kick back for providing your own bags which I gladly donate to their charity.

Although, I forget my bags when I walk in, at least I’m not knee deep in my shopping before I remember.

Lastly, I visit our local grocery store multiple times a week for a handful of things here and there. It’s not until I’m getting ready to check out that I remember my bags and then what am I supposed to do, stop the bagger and run out to my car? Probably, yes, but I don’t.

Instead, I have 20 bags, cause they only seem to put one or two items in each plastic bag, that end up coming home with me. Yes, I could recycle those, too, but I fear the worse for those bags as well: being trapped in the trunk of my van never to see the light of day again.

For all intents and purposes, I want to stop single plastic usage but first I’ve got to remember my handy dandy reusable bags in my car. At least, they aren’t sitting at home on the counter…

Do you use reusable bags?

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