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Embracing My Inner Home Body

August 3, 2019

We are on Day 5 of my son’s tonsillectomy and we are all starting to feel the cabin fever. My daughter got the same surgery when she was 3.5 and the recovery was smooth sailing. She was back to normal after a couple days.

This time around we didn’t get so lucky. I feel bad for my almost 6 year old. He is not his usual bubbly bouncing self and everyone, including himself, wants him to get better.

While we have been holed up in the house, it’s given me a chance to review goals and spend time getting stuff done that would normally be passed over if we weren’t stuck inside.

In the last five days, I’ve read three books with no intent on stopping. In fact, I believe I have a couple books on reserve for me at the library that will help get through the next couple days. Apparently, days 5-8 bring a relapse of pain as this is when the scabs fall off exposing fresh skin to the back of his throat.

My oldest and I are escaping this morning to do some school shopping before my husband leaves for work. Luckily, my older three have found solace in each other and friends around the neighborhood to entertain them. Me, on the other hand, have found relief in books.

What are you reading right now? Suggestions are always welcome. I’m on a RomCom kick

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