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Walking Away From Gossip Is Easy

November 13, 2019

…when you are a book worm. Seriously, though. I’ve learned how to first walk away from any conversation that makes me uncomfortable. First, I’ll play the I have to go to the bathroom card. This is usually not a lie, because I drink a lot of water.

Then, if I scope out a good spot to read, I won’t return. I always have a book with me because

  1. I like to read
  2. It’s ability to get me out of unsavory situations

Like anyone I do like to know what’s going on but not for the sake of someone else. Talking about people in a good way helps us learn about the other kids hanging around our kids. The moment a conversation goes from loud and proud to hush hush, I’m out.

My body will be the first indication that the talk is going downhill. I get knots in my stomach and my intuition tells me things are about to get gossipy. People might think I’m rude for leaving mid-sentence, but that’s okay with me.

I’m completely fine with taking my book and/or my journal and being productive off by myself than participating in gossip.

How do you deal with gossipy people?

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