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Removing The Distractions Allows Room For Clarity

Social Media Break: Day 16

As I sit at my dining room table getting ready to write my entry for today, I look up to see six beautiful long stem roses. They have all opened up to majestically show off their bright crimson giving our table a pop of color. I have managed to keep them alive now since Valentine’s Day.

I have a notable black thumb.

Maybe it’s because I have been able to give them the attention they need to flourish, allowing myself to sit and admire their beauty throughout my day.

  • I see them as I savor my meals tasting each bite and taking time to really slow down and chew.
  • I see them as I sit down in the still of the morning when the children are at school as I am reflecting upon the day thus far.
  • I see them as the kids and I work on art projects or play board games.
  • I see them as John and I plan our next home project for the summer.
  • I see them stand alone on the table in the sunlight as I walk in from a morning of running several errands including a trip to the park with Cameron.
  • I see them for all they are and how they bring a freshness into our house.

As I sit and look at them, I think back to past Valentine’s Days when John bought me roses to celebrate the holiday. Those days I would immediately capture the memory on my phone and post it on social media letting people comment and like on how great my hubby is.

This year I let the act of love and kindness sit for a moment and it wasn’t till I sat at the table embracing some nothingness time that the roses grabbed my attention. I see them as a symbol of the simplicity I have allowed back into my life.

Yesterday as we celebrated ten years of life for Luci, I didn’t take a single picture or video. When we went out to dinner, I was there. When the boys and I barged into her room singing Happy Birthday as we woke her up for school, I was there. When the boys gave her presents they had picked out, I was there. And when I said good night to her and started tearing up from the thought of how fast ten years goes, I was there.

I’ve spent a majority of her life engrossed in social media that today allowed me to reflect upon how I want to best spend my time for the next ten years.

As a writer, I want to share my life with many people as possible but on my terms and in a way where my writing directly mirrors what is going on in our day to day life and not what I “should” be doing.

What I really want is to see thing and be there!


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