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February Is The Month Of Self-Love

Social Media Break: Day 25

Last night was the first time I had really spoken to anyone about how the social media break is going. When my mom called me, it was really because she had a couple questions to ask me about some dates coming up. Then she asked how my hiatus was and the first thing I said after REALLY GOOD was mentioning how much time I had to do things I wanted for myself and with the family.

In hindsight, I wish I would have used an app to tell me exactly how many times I was logging in and how many hours a day I was spending mindlessly scrolling on social media. I’m sure the number would have been even more then I can fathom because even now I still catch myself pushing the home button on my phone when I walk by it. And it has nothing to do with checking the time.

The impulse is still there, so in order to stop myself from pushing it when I reinstall my social media apps, I will load Facebook, Instagram and Twitter when I need them and delete as soon as my time is up EACH DAY. I will not be bookmarking the sites on my computer, either. The less temptation that is present when I bring them back, the better.

I like the person I have become over the last several weeks:

  • I can focus on a singular project at a time
  • I know how to put the oxygen mask on first
  • I am present for my family
  • I allow myself to read and be passionate about writing
  • I regcognize distractions of any kind
  • I am less anxious
  • I set the tone for the day instead of relying on my phone
  • I am able to let my creative mind be open
  • I have slowed down to enjoy life
  • I listen to my own head and heart instead of seeking advice from others
  • I keep the most sacred parts of life to myself
  • I have grown relationships that were stagnate
  • I easily see the power in incremental change

It’s funny because in my intro post for next month’s challenge I talked about how on my yoga videos we were asked to think of one thing we love about ourselves and I drew a blank because I went immediately to physical characteristics.

Today as I reflect (again)!

This week is all about reflection. 

I was able to easily list all the things I’ve gained from this month’s journey.

When we allow ourselves to look beyond the physical body and go inward as we grow, it is like the love easily pours out. This would have been a more difficult task had I tried to sit and write this a month ago. With that being said I am excited to see what the positive self talk about my body is like at the end of March.

This is all about the self growth and positive changes.



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