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Finding Peace From The Chaos By Connecting With Nature

Social Media Break: Day 24

It’s like a complete 180! My days look so much different than before this hiatus began. They have a calm and peace to them.

For the most part. 

We do have those crazy mornings when the kids are in each other’s business or are taking their time moving at turtle like speed. When I talk about peace, it’s more about the feeling that I am in control of my day. I am not allowing my phone and all it’s apps to determine how my mood is going to go early in the morning.

Sure, my mornings are not all rainbows and unicorns but that is on me and the rushed feeling I get as we approach the time to leave for school. And it doesn’t happen every day. Most mornings we have almost two hours to get ready and relax before the day even begins.

Two of my boys are early risers, so John and I have at least 45 minutes to spend with them before the other two wake up. We read with them, talk, snuggle on the couch, and eat breakfast together. They are usually waiting for me as soon as I walk in from the gym.

They like to jump out from behind the couches and scare the bejesus out of me. 

On those mornings when I do go to the gym, things go much smoother because I’ve upped my endorphins with a good workout. We are able to get things done in a timely matter meaning I have time to shower, do my hair and makeup without the rushed feeling. Once the kids are at school, I do more of my daily rituals like yoga, meditating and journaling.

With the weather starting to move towards spring, I took the opportunity to sit outside and meditate in nature today. Again, this gave me a sense of peace and a feeling of having all the time in the world. It was one of those few moments I didn’t let my thoughts of worry take over. I could really hear my breath and felt the wind blow through my hair. There was so much stillness in me that when I opened my eyes, a robin was standing about five feet from me.

I kept still and watched it for another five to ten minutes. It almost seemed like she was watching me as well. And not in a scared way but in a “I see you and we can share this space” way. Before this challenge, I would have wanted to take a pic of the bird to share this story but knowing that would have scared the bird and ruined the moment wasn’t worth the picture that I probably wouldn’t look at again anyways.

The outside air reminded me that I can feel a sense of calm whenever things get too rushed.  I can tap into the peace when I get overwhelmed. I can be intentional with how I spend my time even being still and letting the present moment soak right in.

So maybe this what some good ol’ inner peace feels like. If so, I like it!



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