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December 20, 2019

Well, at least till the next school year. The kids’ came barreling out of school today on what I can only describe as an adrenaline high. I asked each one of them if their teachers snuck them candy at school and they all said no.

So this is what pure, unadulterated joy and excitement looks like without any sugar. They are all ready for a couple weeks off to celebrate the holidays and the hard work they put in the last semester of school.

While we don’t have a ton scheduled this break, there are a couple things here and there, definitely enough to cure the “I’m boreds.” Plus, the influx of presents that will be arriving shortly. Today we let them lounge around and bounce off the walls till their hearts’ desire because they are ready to relax for a bit and welcoming in the holidays.

What happened on your kids’ last day before break? 

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