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Kids Rarely Hold Grudges

September 6, 2019

I learn a lot from watching my children and how they interact with people. A few weeks ago, my daughter had a sleepover. I came down in the morning to find one of her friends sleeping on the couch.

Several thoughts went through my head:

  • Was she uncomfortable downstairs?
  • Did they get in a fight?
  • Does she want to go home?

I let her sleep and didn’t intervene, but later found out that the girls had gotten in an argument and said friend came upstairs to sleep. Here’s where the lesson came in from me.

They had a disagreement, needed some space and somehow magically all is forgotten. This friend came over yesterday and they were giggling, having fun like nothing had happened at the sleepover.

No grudges were made. The girls let go of the disagreement they had and moved on.

What a concept and a brilliant thing to remember. Things can get heated in the moment, but that doesn’t mean that your friendship/relationship should be over in a second. Take into consideration that someone might be having a bad day and your conversation set them off. It doesn’t mean that everyday will be like this.

More and more I seem to find myself enthralled in watching my children because whether they know it or not, they have all the answers to our problems.


How have you tapped into your inner child today?

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