Why I Will Never Do A Social Media Detox Again!

Social media detox
Social media detox
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Today marks the day to go back to social media after taking a 30 day break.

Turns out I don’t want to.

But I thought I’d give it a whirl and see what happens. I pulled up Instagram on my computer to check out a few profiles so I didn’t have to download the app to my phone. No joke in the five minutes I spent looking at 3 profiles, including my own, the anxiety came back. In that split second I made the decision to not go back, yet. If, at all.

The Return To Social Media

My website will automatically post to social media but the plan as of now is to stay away from it for the sake of my book.

If I spent time on social media like I did before, my creativity would fly back out of the window.

Thirty day proof that staying off social media was the answer:

  • Written over 40,000 words for my manuscript
  • More attentive at home towards everyone
  • Yoga every day
  • Read 14 books this month alone
  • Physically and mentally feel better overall
  • My phone usage has been down and I rarely use it except to check email
  • The amount of new ideas flooding my brain seems infinite

After doing a social media detox in February for the past couple years, this time I saw the addiction for what it was. A habit that if not broken made me feel lost. As cliche as it sounds, this year I found myself and allowed the creativity to flow.

Formulate A New Plan

In the middle of the month, I thought about what the end of this 30 day detox would bring. What was my plan? I am knee deep in my book and need to curb any distractions preventing me from writing at least 1000 words or more a day. If I go back to social media, it won’t be until the first draft of my book is finished.

The only reason I logged in today was to retrieve a list of all the books I’ve read since my birthday. I got sidetracked by a couple of profiles I frequented before the detox losing track of time. Next time, I’ll have to go on quickly, grab the info and get back off some other time to avoid the infinite scroll.

Sure, there are times when I’m not up with the current news, but in retrospect that is a-ok. It gives people something interesting to tell me first hand and their reactions are priceless.

One of the best parts is telling people I don’t have Facebook, you should see their faces. It’s like the actual apocalypse has happened.

Connecting With My Audience

Do I feel good about shutting down social media for good? I do. As a writer, finding different outlets to reach my audience is important but in a way that works best for me.

But hey, audience, if I was still on social media as much as I was, you wouldn’t have any material to read.

I wouldn’t have known that writing middle grade and YA Fantasy Fiction was my jam. The likes and comments on posts would be my primary focus instead of the writing itself. It is not mandatory for me to give into social norms and return to be happy. No one is forcing me to get back on social media and I can use time to create content expanding my horizons.

At this point,  I don’t even want to write about social media anymore. I have bigger and better things to procure than my social media usage. Even thinking about it is harshing my mellow.




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