Social Media Ruined My Body Image

Photo by Jennifer Burk on Unsplash

Ever since I was ten years old, I was aware of my body; whether gaining weight, growing boobs, how I looked in clothes, etc. For years, I tried all the weight loss programs, diets and lifestyle changes to get to that perfect shape. I even joined a network marketing company *gasp* (Disclaimer: this is NOT a post to get you to buy, no company names will be used. Now that’s out of the way, moving on).

I really loved my network marketing career while I was in it. It brought a community who had similar values, wanted to become better versions of ourselves and really helped people find solutions. In hindsight, being so open with my weight-loss transformation made me susceptible to critiquing myself all the time.

This is the opposite of what I believe was a healthy self image.

An Obsession With Numbers

Before and after pictures were my way to see progress as was stepping on the scale. Several times a day, I watched the numbers go up and down. If I wasn’t satisfied with those measurements…


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