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Connecting With Nature Through Daily Exercise

Connecting With Nature Challenge: Day 1

The rustling of the leaves. The chirping of the birds. The wind blowing through my hair as I drink in that cool, spring breeze fully into my lungs. Being about to connect with nature on a daily basis is good for my mind, body and soul.

For several years, running was my thing but it’s been awhile since I’ve run due to plantar fasciitis. Running was the mental clarity I needed to get through each day. The ease of lacing up my trusty ol’ Brooks and being able to run straight from my house was the best kind of exercise for a mom of four. It was my time to be alone and get a great workout in.

The day my feet started giving me trouble I dropped my outdoor workouts trading them in for the gym. It wasn’t till recently when I noticed that something was deeply missing from my routine. It became obvious that I needed one on one time with mother nature.

Being outside has a natural calming effect, allowing me to be a more patient mom to my kids. Taking my workouts outdoors is where I let go of any distractions and allow my mind to opening freely to new ideas.

All Natural Workout Routine

The walking and hiking send me on trails that I would not have otherwise seen from the inside of a gym. In the last couple days, my walks have not only good for my body and soul but are educational. I have now bore witness to Lock 22 from the Erie Canal and seen an original foundation of a 19th house still intact built on the ridge long before they turned it into a park.

This month’s challenge is not necessarily about the exercise as it is to getting outside and becoming grounded. Sure, I wanted a way to slow down my workouts because I have been giving my body such a beating for awhile. The dull pain in my lower back, aches in my shoulders and soreness in my forearms on top of my original foot injury all point towards taking it slow. They are telling me to move my body in a way that is natural and by taking it to the trails.

It’s all about putting one foot in front of the other. Taking each step in forward motion is akin to my writing practice and being able to listen to what nature is telling me. It’s time to get back to my roots of enjoying physical activity in nature.

As long as I unplug, this could be with daily walks around my neighborhood or by exploring the trail system in nearby parks. Even a quick walk to pick up the kids from school or strolling around the park while they play is great. The habit is to get outside and breathe it all in.



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