How Training For A Marathon Made Me Never Want To Run Again

How Training For A Marathon Made Me Never Want To Run Again

There I was sitting in a bus with a bunch of other runners heading back to the starting line of the Chicago Marathon. We all had that aura around us of disappointment. At some point during the race, we had to bow out for reasons only we knew.

The ride back to where we stood excited several hours before as we waited to start a monumental run through the Windy City was now seen through a different light. 

Not only did I have to stop for medical attention at mile 16, but I had to make the decision to stop running my first marathon. I surrendered to the medics once they couldn’t massage the knots from my legs so I could continue. It wasn’t like I had a couple miles left to go. I still had TEN miles to run, hobble and crawl through. Running with this pain was not an option, but I had to think about my role as caregiver to my children who waited for me at home.

Before this race, I was strictly a half marathon runner or less. I liked the shorter distances and never thought I’d be one to sign up for 26.2. It seemed daunting and the experience changed my view on running for a long time.

Not finishing the Chicago Marathon made me take a hard, serious look at running. Was this sport truly for me?


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