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Keeping The Big Moments Sacred and Off Social Media

Social Media Break: Day 10

When I decided to start this 30 day break, I knew this month was going to be one where I want to share a lot. February is a full month for us and this week in particular has a lot of fun events that I won’t be sharing on social media this year. It brings up some emotions because I love this month and all it represents.

Eighteen years ago, I was hanging out with my then boyfriend of a couple months in his dorm room having one of those life changing discussions. He told me loved me for the first time, I said it back and the rest is history.

Thirteen years ago, I was sitting in my car with a cardboard box, a blanket and an anxious feeling about bringing home our sweet six week old sheltie puppy, who my boyfriend (almost fiance) got me for Valentine’s Day.

Ten years ago, I was not so patiently pacing around our house in full on nesting mode waiting for our big arrival. She was set to come anytime and in that moment our lives were going to change once again, making us parents for the very first time.

As we hit this big milestone, along with Valentine’s Day, I am a little sad that the events are not something I will be sharing publicly. The more I think about it, it’s fine. She will be spending the weekend with family and friends celebrating her big 10th birthday!

While it is cool to get all the birthday wishes on Facebook, it’s really for me. They don’t show up on her account because she doesn’t have one. Then the focus is on me and my feelings about the day and how my first child is no longer a baby.


Instead I can pour out my heart and virtual pool of tears on here while the real emotions spill out all over my face and keyboard. While I will not be posting on social media for this big occasion, I will be taking pictures for our memories. I will be documenting the day in my head, seeing her face light up, hearing squeals come from the basement at her sleepover, watching her blow out candles with not so subtle tears in my eyes as I try to sing Happy Birthday.

Every Time!

I get so emotional on her day because she is the one who gets to experience the new age milestones first and I see it as transitioning to a new stage. While my focus is on being in the moment, the motivation behind it all is to etch these memories into my brain, experiencing the feelings first hand instead of worrying about what pictures to post and what I’m going to say.

Except for capturing photos, my phone will be plugged in and I will be unplugged this year for the first time in her 10 years of life.

Cue more tears!


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