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Easing Back Into Social Media With A Minimalist’s Viewpoint

Social Media Break – Day 6

Today was an easy day and after yesterday I needed it. I planned out my morning to get some self care in while the kids were at school. Yoga, meditation, and journaling made me feel like a whole new woman. They were at the top of my priority list as I needed to have peace and let my thoughts roll in.

John installed our cabinets today which meant I got to put stuff in them. I’ve been waiting a year for my art supply, playdoh holding and game storage unit. They no longer have a place on a table I’ve kept in the other room as storage.  We now have this great big open space that I am embracing. There is no reason to fill it except with the fireplace that will be built in the near future.

The afternoon was spent playing games with Cameron and then family movie night. In the past, I would put on a movie for the kids and physically be a presence in the room but I would use this time to do social media work or some mindless scrolling on my phone.

I didn’t even pick it up once!

Today I came across a few articles on minimalist social media. It’s no question that I want to have a plan in place to be mindful and purposeful about the time I spend on social media. I don’t want to fall back into old habits but for my business it is essential to be present.

Or is it?

Sure, if I want to share my story, I need to find people to read it, but the question arises about how much do I actually need social media? I know that Gary Vaynerchuk says to be where the people are, but to what extent do I want to sacrifice my time to be in the game. The key to jumping back in is going to be mindfulness. Not posting on a whim whenever I have a thought but to take my time and really speak to my friends around the world.

So no posts about how my son is making his Valentine’s box out of the packing material from my menstrual cup????

Each picture will be taken with purpose so that I can spend the rest of my time being present in everyday moments. I’ll still be taking tons of pictures of my kids but with the intention to serve as memories for our family and maybe a post later down the line.

These kids know how to pose really well.

Instead of taking a picture and figuring out some post to go with it, I will reverse it and find a picture to go along with my thoughts.

I know social media is where the people are but is it possible to grow a brand solely on other aspects like blogging, guest posting, email, etc. In order to cultivate real relationships and connections, I need give this some more thought. Luckily for me there is still plenty of time to determine the path where I can effectively reach people with my story and still be present in my life. Whatever the end result is, I know the beginning will have to be simple. Meaning 30 minutes tops for the day and then NO SOUP FOR YOU! (Or social media)


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