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Getting Rid of Bad Habits One At A Time

Even though I have taken a break from social media, I still have distractions leading me away from focusing on the task at hand. There are two big things I’m working on right now: my writing and my overall health.

They seem to go hand in hand.

For both, there are distractions keeping me out of the game. Bad habits that took years to form but are second nature to me.

In January, I decided to make yoga a daily habit, so I went to YouTube to do the True 30 day series by Yoga With Adriene. I have always loved her videos but would only do them here or there when I would have time. I committed to the 30 days and beside missing a couple sessions because of sickness I completed it. It was something I knew I could easily do and wanted to have better flexibility so I did it and made it a habit. One that I have continued to do past the 30 day mark because I love the way I feel during and after my time on the mat.

February is all about taking a social media break and working on removing distractions from my life that stop me from being in the moment with my family and working on my craft. This month was all about accountability and hopefully inspiring others by documenting my day to day experiences.

What is next?

There might be a pattern emerging here with the first month being about physical health and the second about mental health, so I’m thinking it’s time to go back to a physical habit.

Even though they all overlap.

I have a couple ideas up my sleeves but I want to do one that will keep me in tune with my body. As simple as it may seem, I know that eating after dinner has caused me to not reach my health goals. This doesn’t mean I’m going to binge eat during the day to get those extra calories but instead be mindful about mindlessly eating after the kids go to bed. It’s almost like a reflex that happens as soon as their doors close and I crash on the couch from the day.  Another excuse is that I need to eat something with my nightly vitamins because otherwise I get nauseous. Well, guess what? I can always take my vitamins with dinner.

What a novel idea…

Now the next challenge will not start right away. I am going to stay on  the social media break path and as soon as that is finished, I will move on. When I take on too much right away, the success never happens. So I need to take this slow and ease into it in order for it to truly become an intentional habit.

I know that it is essential to stay focused because today out of habit, I went to the search bar and almost typed in I immediately caught myself but the tendency is still there to see what is going on. It’s only been 11 days and it is possible to have a slip up if I lose focus for even one second.

Hence, starting something new. Not a great idea. I am ready to change another habit but I have to be patient and not get overwhelmed by trying to remember habits that aren’t already ingrained in my brain.

Insane in the membrane. Insane in the brain…


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