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It’s Simple: Choose *JUST* One Social Media Outlet!

Social Media Break: Day 9

And I’m feeling fine. The urge to check my phone as soon I wake up in the morning is getting less of a need. I actually almost left my phone home on purpose this morning when I went to the gym. I never use it but the security of having it is there, even though it’s only a couple miles away and everyone else would have their phone if something happened. This habit should be easier to break, I did spend 18 years of my life without a phone and I’m still here today.

I noticed how much progress I’ve made in even just four days because today our counter tops arrived for the cabinets that came last week. If you remember that was the day I completely shut down and let worry take over me. I went into this morning with the intention to stay calm and trust in the fact that I would hear my phone when I needed to.

Voila, It worked!

I even allowed myself to get totally immersed in my yoga practice and of course when I did they called.

Murphy’s Law

The afternoon flowed seamlessly as I played with Cam, had time for meditation, writing and leisurely reading. The kids even took their own electronic break this evening to make Valentine’s boxes for school. The more I simplify my life, our house and time spent on my phone, the more I am seeing how my good habits are slowly rubbing off on my kids.

Mom for the win!

And because I was not glued to anything at night, I was able to listen to my body and actually went to bed much earlier than I normally do and drifted right off to sleep.

But not without a little thinking…

about social media and how to incorporate it into my life as a supplement to my writing and not as the main thing. I am reading the Power of Less by Leo Babauta of ZenHabits and did some googling on other articles he has done on social media. The one that grabbed my attention said to focus on 1!

Cue the singing angels.

It was like the reassurance I needed to be okay with choosing one outlet instead of having to divide my time between multiple accounts. It made me realize that even when I had two I was completely overwhelmed. As I look at it, Facebook was not just one account but many because I was the admin to multiple pages, groups and also maintaining my personal page, so it was like I was managing five instead of one.

The further along in this detox I go, the more I keep leaning towards Instagram as my go to source for social media. I love taking pictures of my kids, who are my inspiration, and the real time of Instastories but this is where I can get sucked into the vortex.

Here come the barrage of questions!

Do I embrace Instagram full on with all its features or only post pics or will I be okay because now I’m down to one social media outlet? There are so many questions to ask but the answer will come in the form of simplicity? What can I do with ease?

Besides MySpace, Facebook has been my oldest running account. I started using it when you had to have a college email to login. But as I have seen in my life, I have been able to let go of things in my home that I’ve had for much longer than that. I do love Facebook for the memories but like anything else I don’t need the information overload and my brain will allow me to access the really important ones.

No definitive answer yet…


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