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It’s Time To Let Go Of What Others Think About Your Decisions

No Expectations: Day 10

How important is social media to our lives? It keeps us connected to other people, begins new friendships and cultivate relationships. But, at what expense? Mindless scrolling happens and what was supposed to be 5 minutes turns into an hour or more of looking at pictures of my sister’s friend’s aunt’s dog.

I feel like a broken record writing about my social media habit once again. But now that I’ve actually taken the 30 day break and come came back with a plan, it seems as if the bad habit easily found its way back into my life.

One of the things I want to accomplish is to grow a community so I can serve others with my work but first I need to figure out what that work is. Maybe a full social media break will allow me to figure out what it is I can do to make an impact. Is it about simple living, minimalism, holistic health, meditation, yoga, finance, parenting four children, self- development writing, personal growth, or something entirely different?

Is it time to shut off from the social media world to begin researching people that I want to emulate and to really channel the energy towards what I am called to do for others? How I can provide a supplemental income and pursue my passion while providing a service for others?

I am not going to find it by outwardly searching but from looking within myself. It’s not going to serendipitously appear from watching what certain people do on social media or taking their post and making them sound like me.

The moment will happen when I am truly not concerned with what other people think and am able to live my truth. Whatever that may be. Is it unplugging and engaging in life by only writing on my blog? Is it making my website my main and only focus? Is it coming to social media ONLY to have conversations? Is that what I want? Who knows? I don’t want to jump through hoops for people to find me but want to do it in a highly organic way because I am what they are searching for in a solution.

What I am craving is more and more simplicity and what happens is that I get sucked into social media and the distraction that it brings. I am in a state of uncertainty with what I want to do right now but is I get to be home taking care of my family then I want to do that right. I want to be unplugged and not be tied to my phone wondering if someone has liked or commented on my post.

Yes, this is still happening even after my 30 day social media break.

The great ideas come in those spaces of time when you are doing nothing. The silence brings the inspiration. It’s time to be okay with times of silence so that I am able to hear my inner voice speak through me. I will listen and not shoo it away because distractions take over leading me in a direction I don’t want to pursue.

Maybe this isn’t my time to create something new but instead focus on myself: mind, body and soul. To finally be at peace with my body, healing it from the inside out. To work on being intentional with both mental and physical exercise by listening to what my body is telling me. To experience a full life by hearing what my soul needs to me to do right now by spending uninterrupted time with my people.

I am willing to take a break again to refocus my priorities with no expectations. Instead of making sure I post daily, no matter what, I will post when I feel like I have something to share from my heart. I’ll follow my soul and let it guide me in the right direction and not in the way of what I “should” be doing. I am ready to let go of what others expect of me and do what feels good. I may or may not post daily. I may or may not go live on instastories but what I do know is I don’t have to explain myself because this is what is right for me.

It is time for a real, deep down self exploration to take me to the next phase of my life through complete enjoyment in what is taking place in the here and now.



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  • Diane Andow

    Keep looking inward.There is a silence that will bring forth amazing results. I am proud of your decisions. Results may feel like no progress, but I assure you, when the time is ripe you will know.
    Love, gam

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