love language

I Didn’t Love My Husband The Way He Needed To Be Loved

The seconds couldn’t tick by any slower. It felt as time had completely stopped because it knew I had somewhere to be, with a certain someone. I would sit in my psychology class waiting for the moment when our professor would send us home. There would be nights when my work shift seemed to go on for eternity. All I wanted was to be with him, cuddled up together.

When we were in college, everything in our relationship was right. Our love was pure and new. We loved spending all our time together, getting to know each other better. I thought it was going to be like this forever. Who knew that love changes over time?

I loved him fiercely with all my heart, the only way I knew how, being with him. I wanted to do everything together and go everywhere together. Our time with one another was precious. I could see it, couldn’t he?


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