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We All Need A Break Sometimes

November 10, 2019

With the weather cooling down, the opportunity to get the kids outside in good weather is getting less and less. They, like me, want to stay in and hibernate till winter is over.

Today was the calm before the storm. Looking ahead into the forecast, snow and below freezing temperatures are heading our way. Yesterday, I realized that they spent WAY too much time on electronics and needed a break from it all.

And not just them, me. I sat in front of my computer for several hours yesterday trying to write an article. Usually, I’m done within an hour, but things weren’t clicking. The weather was gorgeous and we needed the time to bond together.

After playing a make believe animal game for several hours, we took the dog for a long walk down to the creek so everyone could get fresh air. We found leaves, cool sticks, and other pods that had fallen from the trees.

I instilled a rule today that no one could get on an electronic till well into the late afternoon and we all survived. Typically, this means I have to play catch up with my writing and all my daily rituals but I’m going to let everything happen as it should. Taking a day off isn’t the worst thing in the world and who knows maybe I’ll be able to crank out a couple good articles tomorrow by taking a break today.

What are you doing on this fall day?

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