Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…natural remedies

As we get into the fall into winter weather, it’s the time of year that I am grateful for my health.

Recently, several friends told me about elderberry syrup as a good cough remedy and a preventative for a common cold.

I have made a couple batches and can say that it’s working great for my family. Well, the ones who choose to take it. Even if a bug starts to come on, we have been able to curtail it.

I’ve always been a fan of local honey and now pairing it with this superfood, I’m totally about it.

As a mom, it is imperative for me to stay in tip top shape. For years I took care of everyone else first but know that I have to be the one who stays healthy so that I am able to take care of them.

So tonight with this cold front rolling in, I took an extra shot of the elderberry syrup to maintain my healthy body!


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