Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…my inner child!

Usually, I shy away from stores in general on the weekends. I find my ultra introverted side comes out and I have a hard time dealing with crowds UNLESS I am prepared mentally.

That’s what I did tonight. We needed to get Luci’s friend a birthday present and I threw in some ice cream for movie night.

We went in with a plan, stayed cleared of the toy aisles, and went straight to the craft section.

The party wasn’t till later so we could be leisurely about the time we had to spend at the store. Not once did I have to rush the kids.

We even made a point to have fun while we were there. Most times I’m an in and out type girl but after a week at school the kids needed to unwind and get silly.

When I go into situations with the kids without intention then I get flustered and antsy. On the flip side, when I mentally prepare myself for four kids in a store, 99% of the time all goes well.

The key here is to remember to breathe and fun! It’s ok to let your guard down to give your inner child a chance to live!


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