Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…for giving hearts!

These kids are so well loved and it has nothing to do with the amount of presents they got this year.

It’s more about the joy I get watching the faces of the gifters watching the reaction of the children receiving their gifts.

Knowing that you chose something they really wanted or picked out a really cool gift. While, our house in general is fairly clutter free (after doing the konmari method), the kids toys that still bring them joy have found a place in our house.

If they have grown out of them, are broken or aren’t for us anymore then we pass them onto kids who will appreciate them at this point in time.

This time of year can get a little glutinous for our society as a whole but I know that our givers buy with good intentions and love in their hearts.

It’s fun to get new stuff and be able to share the fun of it with the ones you love!


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