Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…early readers!

As a writer, it warms my heart to get to witness my children’s love for reading.

Tonight was the book fair at their school and even the youngest wanted to get a book to add to his collection.

When Luci was in Kindergarten, I had no clue how to work with her since she was my first kid. Once we found our rhythm, she soared and reads well above her grade level.

With the other kids, I knew what to do and they all stay up later after I’ve tucked them in to read for a little bit longer.

This summer they checked out every book from the “who is” history book series from the library and had a contest at home to see who could read the most.

Having four kids make a game out of everything so even if it’s not a competition they can make it one.

I’ll tell you what I’m grateful they enjoy reading and if they have to try and beat each other on who reads the most, then so be it!


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