Daily Gratitude

I am grateful for…feeling gratitude on a daily basis.


The thing about gratitude is that you have to come from a place of 100% realness. This isn’t a time to go around willy nilly saying that you are grateful for things when the stress and anxiety are creeping in.

The moments I feel truly grateful are the ones where I can feel myself go from overwhelmed or anxious to calm in a matter of milliseconds. I love to write in my gratitude journal at night after I get the kids to bed (no calm feat), but what it is causes me to do is interrupt the icky stuff with all good.
I am able to happily look back on my day and say oh yeah, that was great, or wasn’t that a blast?I can instantly turn a frown upside down and walk out of the room feeling lighter and better about everything in general.
Feeling gratitude in the moment reminds you to be excited about what is going on in the here and now. To embrace all the good things in your life even when it seems like your world might be spiraling out of control.
It’s a way to bring you back to yourself and ground down to remember that there is good in your life somewhere. Once you allow yourself to see that on a consistent basis then more good things will come your way.


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