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This Is The Most Important Day of The Week

January 10, 2020

Are your weekends packed with activities? Mine are usually full with stuff for the kids. Mondays used to be my days to unwind and relax. For the most part, I can do that in the morning when they are at school, but once they get home it’s off to the races again.

Surprisingly, it’s this way up until Friday when I look at the calendar and the day is empty. This to me signals a complete day of rest. I know that we can settle in for the day, not go anywhere and really sink into pizza and movie night.

For most people Fridays or Sundays are their days of the week to reconnect with themselves and take a break from the week. Mine changes with the seasons, sports season that is. Whenever I reset the calendar for new activities, that’s when I’m able to choose the day of the week to go inward.

I make sure to use this day to fill my bucket. The couch, a book and blanket are usually my best friends at the time. I go full on extreme introvert to recharge and gear up for the next week. With a large family, this is essential for me, but still important for everyone to take a moment for themselves.


What is the most relaxing day of your week?

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