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Don’t Blink…

November 26, 2019

Because if you do, then you will wake up one morning with a ten year old. Another one of my children has hit the double digits mark.

Looking through pictures of them when they are younger and taking a trip down memory lane seems so long in one respect. In another, I can still remember when my son would look up at me with his big eyes exclaiming, “Mo, Mo, Mommy.”

Knowing that he wanted more of something, I would hand it over.

He was such a little round ball of chub and I could squeeze him all day long. Luckily, my cuddly baby hasn’t strayed too far.

As a big boy now, he still wants lots of hugs from his Mom. And now if he wants something, he’s able to reach it on his own.

But I blinked and a whole decade is gone.

How do you stay in the moment?

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