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Home Is Where Your Heart Is

November 7, 2019

When we bought our first house, I thought we were going to be there forever. Life happened, my husband got transferred to North Carolina, so we packed everything up and moved.

Who knew that this one move would give me back the travel bug? I like to say that living down south for 18 months was an extended vacation for us. We got to be tourists in our own city before we moved back home to Ohio.

It’s been two and an half years since we’ve been in our new home and while it definitely feels like home, I get the itch sometimes to move again. Odds are we will live here for a long time and part of me thinks it’s great for the kids to have roots.

Another side of me would like to sell everything and travel around the United States for a year in an RV, experiencing the world around us, not being tied to one place.

Sure, it’s not practical but who cares, we could home-school the kids, give back in communities all over America and visit National Parks and monuments learning as we go.

Then I look around and see how we have made this house a home. How could I leave this place?

Are you more of a homebody or a nomad? 

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