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Getting My Children Out Of Victim Mode

August 30, 2019

Each day, I believe I have the talk with at least one of my children about the fact that people are not purposely trying to annoy or attack you. Now, there may be times when things escalate and it is purely out of spite to continue annoying the other person, but usually this is not the case.

I constantly tell my kids that we had lots of them so they could play with each other, not get on one another’s nerves. This is a learning curve with come across a lot.

This is where I get to them to flip their script out of victim mode to instead see it from the other person’s point of view. Maybe they were having a bad day, maybe they were really excited and accidentally messed up something of yours, maybe they were only thinking of themselves and not you. There are lots of ways to flip it around and allow my children to see that it’s not always about them.

Not only is this relevant for my kids, but it’s something I need to tell myself as well. That person didn’t cut you off on purpose, they aren’t driving slow to annoy you. Work in some compassion and see where that person is coming from instead.


How can you flip your script today and see it from another person’s POV?

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