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For The Love Of Older Siblings…

August 22, 2019

Can we take a moment and recognize the older siblings in the room? You rock!

I love that this morning in car drop off at school, my older kids took the helm and got my Kindergartener where he was supposed to be. This is his second day of school and they walked him in and made sure he was in the right place. This makes my heart swell big time.

Knowing they are there to take care of one another makes me feel like I’m doing something right. It also gave me a huge sense of deja vu because the scenario has been the same for each of the kids when they entered Kindergarten. I take them the first day but from then on out, their siblings are in charge. Except for my oldest, that was all me!

I believe the younger kids also have a sense of pride having their older siblings show them where to go, plus they get to show them off to their friends. Days like this make the days of fighting so much better.

What do your kids do that let you know you’re doing this parenting thing right?


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