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Multi-tasking Does Not Equal Higher Productivity

Social Media Break: Day 23

All at once, a jolt of productivity kicked in without that feeling of being busy. I’ve been reading books and articles about simplicity and focus and the biggest takeaway has been transitioning from multitasking to single tasking. I had this belief that if I could do more than one thing at a time then I would get so much more done. It would drive me crazy to see my husband or kids not be able to do a bunch of things at once.

Now I see I was in the the wrong and they were right. 

I have seen this come to fruition this past week as I have been finishing up my website. In the past, I would jump from page to page looking at only the big picture. This time around I saw the big pic but was able to break it down into simple tasks.

Whenever I found myself getting frustrated with a task, instead of starting a new one that would compound my work load, I walked away, so I could come back with a fresh mind. A new way to approach the task would come up and I was able to easily finish it.

As an avid list maker coming up with the steps to completely update my website was easy but now that I am able to have a singular laser focus actually finishing my list has gone much faster. I had mentor tell me over and over to keep my blinders on and used the acronym F.O.C.U.S meaning follow one course till successful. These mantras play over and over in my head when I start to get distracted, even now. I thought I was maintaining focus before but I know that is not the case at all.


I have even gone as far as not letting myself get distracted by searching on Google or reading other blogs. If something pops up, I will jot down what I want to look up later and remind myself to stay on task. My goal is to finish all the tweaks by the time this challenge was over so my distraction of social media wouldn’t have a space to sneak in at all.

As I look at my list there are only a couple small things left and then I’m done. I will be able to be free of the maintenance work and get back to my focus of writing and spending time with my family. I do have a feeling once this project is complete my brain will have no problem concocting a new one!


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