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A Bucket List for My 38th Birthday

September 4, 2019

Each year I look forward to my birthday. It’s a great time to reflect and look forward to another year. For my 37th birthday I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish by my next birthday and I got through 20 of them!!!

They included items like travel, experiences, healthy, business, personal and giving. As I look at the list, there are thing that will go back on this year, but some that I no longer want to pursue. I will at this next 38 items as a brand new list for the 365 days to follow.

  1. Go to Sedona and Grand Canyon
  2. Read 150 books
  3. Yoga Retreat
  4. Take a live Yoga with Adriene Class
  5. Buy an Obsidian Blue Pearl 2017 Honda Odyssey
  6. Leave $20 around own each month
  7. Pay it forward once a week
  8. Take a social media break in February
  9. Take John on a 40th birthday trip
  10. Spa Weekend
  11. Take Luci to a concert
  12. Find a STEM camp for Eli
  13. Test drive a Tesla
  14. Write and Publish a YA/MG self development book
  15. Bog, journal, meditate, yoga, and walk daily
  16. Date night with John once a month
  17. Move all electronics to the basement (kids den)
  18. Go on a sisters trip to Napa
  19. Grow a garden
  20. Write full time as a professional
  21. Mindfully eat and listen to my body
  22. Say yes to only things that bring me joy
  23. Read a book series with Jake
  24. Organize and declutter every quarter
  25. Take a RV family vacation
  26. Compliment someone each day
  27. Go hiking once a month
  28. Publish articles for well known magazines
  29. Get at least 2 massages
  30. Revamp my clothing that make me feel good
  31. Take a picture everyday
  32. See Beth in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  33. Find a functional med doctor
  34. Visit a holistic allergist
  35. Put my writing out there more
  36. Don’t take life so seriously
  37. Get a derm/skin check
  38. Visit OB/gyn

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