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We Are All Human, Eat The Cookie!

No Eating After Dinner Challenge: Day 15

We all have those days when we want to lie around and totally veg out. What happens with this is the snacks have no problem coming out. But guess what, embrace these days because they aren’t every day. They are once in awhile and will not stunt your progress. It would be different if this was normal but when you allow yourself a day of rest, the next morning you can wake up with a vengeance to get back into routine.

When creating new habits, it can take a lot of brain power to be intentional about change. As long as you remember what triggered the need for change then it will be easier to get back on the horse.

Here we are at the middle of my challenge and I have only slipped up once. Last night I needed something sweet to counter my salty dinner.

A pattern that came up this week was three times I ate dinner much later than normal. Meaning my drop in blood sugar was making me grumpy from afternoon till once the kids were in bed.

When I do not eat within a normal dinner time my mood is severely altered and my choices also suck unlike when I am intentionally eating right.

I am human and set backs happen. The thing is not to dwell on the mistakes but to make healthy choices from there on out.

It’s also not always a mistake but maybe just maybe it is all about moderation and treating yourself once in awhile. Don’t get hung up on one cookie. That will not make or break your healthy stride.

Eat the damn cookie and the remember why you started after you enjoy yourself. Forget about past errors, don’t stress about the future, be in the present moment and stay mindful about what you can do for your body right now.

Take that second to pause to see if you are eating out of boredom or emotions and you if truly want a treat, then savor the sweets. Enjoy each and every single bite and don’t beat yourself up afterwards. Take it slow and be okay with your decision especially if it is coming from a place of positive thinking. If you come at this cookie with negative juju then you will feel bad about it. Flip your energy surrounding it and you will realize that it is not a slip up as much as it is doing something good for your soul.

Tomorrow skip the cookie and continue treating your body in the respectful manner that got you here in the first place. Don’t look at every “bad” food as punishment, treat it well and it will treat you well right back.



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