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What Happened After A 7 Day Break From Social Media?

Social Media Break – Day 7

It’s been one week…and I’m feeling good about the decision I made 7 days ago to take a social media break. The habit I had was one of pure obsession and it was taking a toll on my personal life. This break has allowed me to take inventory of other things I was feeling weighed down by like finding time to actually focus more on my family than my phone.

After seven days, I am able to concentrate better, spend time making memories with my kids, and look people in the eye when they are speaking to me instead of multitasking.

I thought it was going to be much harder to let go of social media but the hardest part was letting go of constantly checking my phone for all apps. I didn’t delete my accounts but instead took the apps off my phone and the shortcuts from my desktop. This has been a test of sheer will power because everything is still right there at my fingertips.

You can do it!

Each day has had its own lessons both good and bad. There have been times like today where I got sucked into a google search that went on ten different tangents. What happens is it all stems from some “what if” question in my head that takes off to do it’s own thing. Then there are some days when I forget my phone at home while running errands.

I’m a fantastic story teller!

I can easily get wrapped up in many different search results much like checking the page of my friend’s sister’s best friend’s dog on Facebook. That dog is not what I intended to look at but I got sucked into the trap.

After the relapse, I plugged my phone back in for the night and when I got the urge to do a google search I paused before jumping to grab my phone. I didn’t have to immediately have an answer. With knowledge of every subject available to us at the click of a button, it’s nice to have a break from a constant stream of information.

Brain overloaded…must shut down!

Last night, I tried a new add on to my experiment. Since we had no where to be this morning, I was able to sleep in with no alarm clock. I plugged my phone downstairs to keep it totally out of my room and away from temptation. I went to sleep easy and got to read peacefully without even seeing my phone.

While I feel confident about how this week went, I’m not ready to make the adjustment back into the world of Social Media. I definitely need the full 30 days if not more to really cultivate new habits and break the old ones in order to stay strong when I finally immerse myself back in.


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