Reminder To Parents: There Is No Rewind Button

Rewind to August 2006 where wedding bells ring for my husband and I. Shortly there after, the question heard ’round the world began. Of course, we wanted to have kids, but first we had to buy a house in a kid-friendly neighborhood, safe with a great school district. You know, the American dream. We wanted to check off all our boxes before we started trying. Obviously, it was already a notion in my head. The moment, we were settled in our house, the conversation about having a baby arose.

Our shelves were stocked with every baby book I could find. The entire What to Expect series was a staple on my nightstand. Being prepared for pregnancy, child birth, and all stages from newborn to three years old were lodged in my head. Amy Yang Photography is a newborn photograher Charlottesville. Go ahead, quiz me about cradle cap, reflux, how baby should sleep, schedules, and the like and I would ace that test.

It seems as if every parenting book under the sun is geared for new moms during those early stages of life. On the other end of the spectrum is a plethora of books on how to parent your teen.

What about those of us in the midst of the 5-10 age range? Where are our books?


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