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6 Important Daily Vitamins and Supplements To Take After 40

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This is not your grandma’s vitamin container. When I was little my grandparents had the most extensive daily vitamin and supplement regimen I’ve ever seen. And not to joke around. They were really good about taking their pills every day.

In her kitchen, there was an entire cabinet where they stored all the vitamins and minerals they took. 

They had these cute, little soy sauce dishes where they placed their vitamins at breakfast and dinner. My grandpa will take his pills in the morning with a glass of cranberry juice. Sometimes he would even mix in some orange juice as a treat. 

I can’t remember a time when they didn’t do this. It was a part of who they were and how their mornings wen.t

When I growing up, we didn’t have a vitamin routine. Even though, my mom had seen her parents engage in this daily, vitamins were an extra expense, so we weren’t as strict.  I maybe took the Flintstone vitamins here and there, but nothing consistent.

Now, in my 40s, it’s important having a daily vitamin and supplement routine to get all the nutrients I need to fill in the nutritional gaps. 

vitamin supplements

1. This Superfood shake has been in my daily regimen for 11+ years!

I’m a creature of habit. In fact, if it weren’t for my family and them wanting different foods for dinner, I could eat the same thing everyday.

After I had my third baby, I wanted to lose the pregnancy weight and needed something easy and tasted good to throw together in the morning while I was juggling a newborn and two toddlers.

When a friend of mine recommended this shake, I tried it because it worked for her. Sure, I was a little skeptical, but I needed something to fuel me and keep me energized .

11 years later and here I am every morning drinking the same shake. I’ve had a longer relationship with this dairy free goodness than with my youngest child.

Knowing that while I’m getting the kids ready for school and not wanting to chew food in the morning, this is right up my alley.

I love it after my morning workout, as my breakfast, providing me with the right amount of protein, carbs and fat. There are also a ton of vitamins, minerals and prebiotics in there, supporting my daily vitamin and supplement routine.

2. Fill the nutritional gaps and add probiotics to your gut with this daily supplement

While my morning shake does have vitamins and minerals, it’s not a full dosage I need on a daily basis. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t great at taking the multivitamins when I had them.

They came in a convenient pack with the 4-5 multivitamin essentials but even that wasn’t easy enough for me. I was not all about swallowing those pills twice a day. Unlike my grandparents, I didn’t have quite the same routine down.

I would forget to take the second pack or was not in the mood to take vitamins in the middle of the day. I did have a greens powder that packed me with some great supplements, but when I came across this one, it changed everything.

This greens powder has more than my previous one and had comprehensive nutrition in one simple scoop. All my daily vitamin and minerals are included along with digestive and immunity support.

3. The high fiber content of Flaxseed helps you become “regular”

Here’s where things are going to real fast: I was already pretty regular. In fact if I wasn’t pooping twice in the morning to literally flush everything out, I knew something was wrong.

While regularity wasn’t necessarily an issue for me, more fiber could help my digestive system be more productive. Adding flaxseed to my daily shake helps with lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and my family has a history of both.

Giving my intestines a boost but helping ridding myself of the ick is a thumbs up in my book.

As I age, perimenopause is quickly becoming on my radar. Estrogen levels go all over the place and can distribute your belly fat more predominantly in places you would rather it not.

Flaxseed has properties to help with inflammation when you might have issues in digestion. Burning fat and balancing hormones due to changes in my monthly cycle make me want learn more about how to incorporate more fiber in my diet.

With my history of being gluten intolerant and have some issues with dairy, I’ll take all the help I can get for my digestive organs.

4. Stronger bones as we age is necessary, D3 + K2 liquid drops can help

For someone who is female and of Asian decent, I’ve heard my whole life about we need to maintain strong bones because we are susceptible to osteoporosis. Getting more calcium or finding ways to enhance bone health has always been one of those things in the back of my mind.

Living in the Midwest where from November to April, the sky is usually covered with clouds and it’s freezing for a majority of those months. Vitamin D can be hard to come by on most days.

Even when it’s gloomy outside, I walk my dog everyday for several reasons: getting out in nature, having her exercise but also to soak in the Vitamin D from the sun.

In order to counteract this seasonal obstacle to maintain healthy bones that , the liquid D3 +K2 drops have been super easy to add in daily.

Literally, it’s one to two drops on my tongue and done. They are in an olive oil base, so getting that dose of a healthy fat is an extra added bonus.

5. Supporting my heart without the fishy flavor with these Omega 3’s

I like fish, don’t get me wrong, but I would have to eat a lot of it to get the amount of omega 3 fatty acids needed daily. The people in my house would also protest if they had to smell that amount of fish.

After doing much research on Omega 3’s and see all their benefits, I had to add this to my daily vitamin and supplement routine. There are many advantages to taking omegas but here are a few that caught my eye:

  • Help with eye health
  • May prevent onset of Alzheimer’s
  • Could reduce belly fat
  • Might alleviate menstrual pain
  • Possibility of reducing inflammation

With even some of these benefits, especially the onset of Alzheimer’s, which also runs in my family, it was time to add more Omega 3’s. I can handle taking one pill a day if I can take advantage off all this goodness.

6. Smooth wrinkles and boost elasticity with this yummy Collagen Elixir

Watching my mom and grandma age, they didn’t get wrinkles as quickly as other women. There are many times we have all been told how young we look. This is a benefit I will take to the grave.

While I am blessed with good skin and genes for wrinkles, elasticity is another issue. I won’t exploit the women in my family, but loose skin is something we have to deal with as we age and lose collagen in our bodies.

In fact, after the age of 35, most women lose the tautness in our that we crave. Even I have begun to notice some sagging and looseness under my eyes.

When I take this collagen elixir, the bags under my eyes start to lessen and the need to cover up the dark circles with make up goes away. Plus, it tastes really good and unlike any other vitamin/mineral I’ve taken in the past. has produced plenty of holy grail skin care products.

Conclusion – Daily Vitamin and Supplement Routine

While I’d to think all I have to do to stay healthy is: eat fruits and vegetables, exercise daily, go on walks and lessen the amount of toxins in my environment. The world is much different than it was 40 year ago in terms of the nutritional value of our food supply.

Many people weren’t not on a daily vitamin regimen, because they were getting value from their food. I would rather spend money now to maintain a healthy body and be proactive about my good health than having to pay astronomical medical bills later.

A daily vitamin and supplement routine could seem excessive if you aren’t used to having a routine. But honestly, the first four things I listed above are used in the first meal of my day and the rest is easy.

  • A couple drops of the D3+K2 drops on my tongue
  • Mix the shake, flaxseed and greens vitamin powder all together
  • Swallow down the Omega 3
  • Take the collagen before bed

After my morning routine, I’ve hit my vitamin quotient for the day and I can go about my day.

Sure, it might take some time to nail down a daily vitamin and supplement routine that is easy for you, but once you do your body and your future self will thank you.

What are your go to supplements and vitamins?

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daily vitamin and supplement

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