Adhering To The Stigmas of Modern Parenting Is Exhausting

Wake up, roll out of bed, play for hours, learn something new, eat, poop, sleep. This sounds like a great day for a kid. A childhood of the 80’s was very similar to this. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, there was little to no pressure to participate in an activity of my mom’s choosing.

There was this one time she made me try softball for one season. If I didn’t like it I didn’t have to do it again. Take a guess how long I played softball? All she wanted me to do was to give her childhood sport a chance. On my own, I chose soccer, music and theater because it interested me. If I went down a path she picked, art, cheerleading and playing the piano would be on the docket. None of which were on my top 50 things.

Once in my activities, all I had to do was have fun and enjoy myself. As I got older, I chose my own college, my own major without help from my parents. I always felt confident in choosing things that interested me, even if I failed along the way. My dreams were mine and mine alone. 

The world is a different place now for our children and as a parent I’ve seen the changes. Sure, I had some friends who were forced to play piano for several hours a day, take all honors courses, and study all night to ensure top grades. For me, my stress level was minimal to non-existent because I didn’t have a parent breathing down my back dictating my life.


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