When You Have Complete Clarity On What Your Goals Are, Then Freedom Is Possible

Do you feel like you are being pulled in ten different directions? Do you want to bring every idea to fruition because they all seem like THE BIG IDEA? Do you feel like you have to go all in for every project in order for it to work? Now, ask yourself this, do you feel like you have to go big or go home for everything you do? If your answer is yes to any of these, do you ever feel overwhelmed?

I know, for me, it happens because I want to succeed in everything I dip my feet into because in my head every idea is a great idea. On paper, I know it might not work out but I love taking the leap to try something new. While some may say I will never succeed because of it, I see it as a way to learn from my mistakes and move on. Learning new things from my business ideas allows me to develop more skills along the way. Skills I am able to use in future ventures, learning and growing each day.

The thing I have to constantly remind myself that not every day is a super exciting day. I’ll admit sometimes I see the shiny penny and start to gravitate towards it, but it’s all about leaving it there and getting to work. There are going to be many days of mundane work because these are the little steps that grow your passion. There are going to be periods of time where you are going to have many highs and also many lows. The plan is to stay the course. As long as you continue to have the passion for what you are doing, it is imperative to keep the end goal in mind. I remember when I had my first business, it did well and I was ok with the everyday work but the reason I let it go was because I lost the love for it. It was not filling me up inside.

You have to be clear enough on your goals to know when to say no to something that does not serve your higher purpose.  Maybe it’s not to be world famous or make a bagillion dollars. Instead, it’s about freedom, whatever that means in your life. Freedom could mean buying whatever you want and not feeling guilty that the money should be going towards something else. It could paying for your kids’ college, their weddings, or even helping them with their down payment for a house. It could be traveling anywhere you want on vacation and not being concerned about the cost or time it takes to travel.  Whatever it is, feel it in your gut, see it in your head and go with that. Goals change over time, sure, but the main idea is to be clear on what you truly want. Do you want to impact a certain group of people? Do you want to give back to an organization? Find that one things that fills your soul and run with it. Give it your full energy in whatever time you have to make it grow.

I love having my own business but working all the time is not my idea of freedom even though it doesn’t seem like work. What brings me happiness is having a harmony of working, giving my family the time they deserve from and being able to do things for myself as well. Freedom means different things to different people.

You have to figure out what it means to you. I implore upon you today to figure out what freedom means to you. What clarity can you bring to those things that you think about every day. The things that keep you up at night or the things that give you anxiety when you have to do them. How are you able to flip the switch and say this is how I’m going to get freedom from these things and not let money or ego hold me back.

When you are clear on what you want and why you want a change, then the how (the everyday baby steps) will start to open itself up to you. Making it easier for you to stay the course and follow those dreams. For the longest time, I had a lot of ideas but the day I became crystal clear on exactly what I wanted to change was the day that I felt a sense of relief knowing I could have everything that I WANTED for this one life I have!


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